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Mission & Vision of Company

Our mission is to provide the information of Sellers to Buyers in quick bases. So “Dial n Go can help every human being by its reliable services. The company wants to prove the reliability of user’s services with 100% satisfaction.

Company Information

The company established in 2015 is offering a local search engine Name “Dial n Go for internet users & telephonic queries.Dialngo service is available to all users in various categories like- internet, telephonically. we also had SMS facility.Dialngo service is performing the role of middle man in between the business & service user when his business listed on our website www.dialngo.com.Dialngo is a platform where we understand users requirement by local search engine.With this step dialngo want to create new milestone in the search engine history by giving remarkable services to sellers & buyers. .

Facts of Dial n Go

As a new company  we are ready to provide services in various categories. Our target is 50000 (Fifty thousand) business listing on our portal in east uttar pradesh. Dialngo will expand to entire uttar pradesh.
Dialngo is also providing an  App facility for all kinds of users in Google Play Store.Dialngo has a registered & corporate office in Aligarh. Dialngo has a Helpline No- 7668076680 which is working for telephonic enquiry from 10 am to 6:30 pm Monday- Saturday. .


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